Art and Soul Gifts


A few weeks ago I met up with the owner of Art and Soul Gifts in Cranston. Almost exactly a year since we first met at Virtue Arts Festival in Westerly. At the show Susan mentioned she would love to have my work in her shop and I was ecstatic. Well that was last May, and I let enough time go by that she forgot what it was I had to offer. Typical of me to forget but I am so grateful she was still interested one year later. I brought her all I had left over from last season and she took many pieces in on consignment. A lovely little shop with something for everyone. I am doubly impressed because her shop kept my mother shopping for quite along time with lots of  “Ohh look at this”  and even a few purchases, not typical of my mom. So Art and Soul passed her test-not easy I tell you. This shop being in a nice neighborhood in Cranston is much different from ones here in South County-there is no tourism and the busy times for Art and Soul are the opposite of ours here by the beach. So if the items do not sell by July I will be able to pick up and put out on my tables for the summer, perfect!

Pictured are just a few of the things she chose to offer her customers (which she knows well being in business there for 11 years).

Please check out Art and Soul Gifts when you are in the neighborhood of 2007 Broad St. I am sure you will enjoy it just as much as my mom did.






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