For a good while I have been wishing for someone to build stuff with. I have so many ideas and only so many hands, eyes, and calendars.

I have a long list of WISH I COULD….building projects but custom orders keep coming in, shows are approaching and weeds need pulling.

My lucky  day arrived a few weeks ago when I asked a good friend if he would want to build with me, and off we went diving into a large pile of wood I recently organized that was not good for pyrography and he set to work. He even brought some of his own scraps from construction jobs, nice rough pine saved from going to the landfill.



We have made two together so far, getting inspiration from the wood and online pictures. The research and development department (me) found criteria of certain birds and their favorite style homes; starting with the goldfinch style cottage, complete with ventilation holes and a clean out. I love that they are solid raw wood that will age nicely in the garden with no added chemicals.


I hope that we can pump out a few a week and have them for sale at shows and shops soon. I know we may have missed the spring nesting season for most birds but there is hope some little finches couldn’t find suitable spots and were holding out for “perfect”.

I can say that what will keep me in this game is that all of the houses will be one of a kind, and will feature a little decorative piece that has been kicking around the garage just waiting to be glued to something cool like a birdhouse. I have tons of little fun things planned, and can’t wait!

In my little art world there are piles of things to do, some of which are started and never finalized and some that just take a long while to complete. I have had the desire to build, make, create and put together things all of my life and made many plans. I realize having something on your “to do… someday” list forever is just fine as long as you get to “someday” and do it.


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