The Happiest place on my earth

Signs O’ Fiyah belongs at the Fantastic Umbrella Factory-it has been proven. The energy on that special  plot of land is amazing! The gardens, paths and plantings are spectacular and captivating. Most of all I think its the happiness level that attracts me and keeps me coming back!


I love the fact that there are always kids around….we relate well. I love that the people regardless of how sunburned, tired and at the brink of starvation they are-everyone smiles laughs and truly feels good on this piece of property. It has a history as a longstanding farm way back when, and it seems the fertile soil feeds us all as we stand on it.



So I will be returning to The Fantastic Umbrella Factory-on the slab- this weekend and most other weekends this summer. The exception being May 27 & 28 which is Virtu Arts Fest in Westerly and June 24 & 25 which is The Narragansett Art Fest.


The Orange Tent goes up in July this year!

So glad that the summer has arrived and my feet can touch ground at my happiest place on Earth! Hope to see you there this summer, find me Sat and Sun in May and June and Fri-Mon in July and August. Who needs Disney!


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