HI-BER-CA-TION; noun, a state of bliss, where rest from regular activity is mixed with fun and exciting times spent discovering new creative ways and learning new things, blended with spending time sitting quietly.

I am on Hibercation!

Each winter I tend to find a way to still be creating while giving myself a break from burning. Last year it was clay and I made Moai heads and elephant feet and turned them into air plant containers and have been selling them locally. So that turned out great, I felt compelled to create and I worked at it every day! Still learning and doing that and thankful for these hibercations because now I have clay under my belt as well as a fall back and an easy addition to my wholesale accounts.


So this winter I have a new skill that I have built into my set this past month of January….ORIGAMI! Now if you know me or have heard me talk about my art there is nothing precise and detail oriented about my work, I am a process artist. So origami would at first glance seem like am impossibility for me to master, or at least I thought so. But SURPRISE! I love it and have now mastered the hummingbird. Okay so one design doesn’t make me an origami master–there are thousands! There is a reason for the hummingbird as the model I have been working on, more to come about that later!

I am  totally mesmerized by  “the flow” of this art form. My hands now know the way and I can do a hummingbird in 4 minutes while walking around the house doing other things and having a conversation! Rote memory! This is the reason I get excited about some things and not others. This process is repetitive and I have mastered it and can do it without thinking. Serotonin is released in my brain with every bird!

I will pick up my burning as custom orders come in, and in March when it’s time to make stock for the summer sales I will be back at it for sure-all rested up and excited about it again. But for now my fascination lies in paper folding! The paper I have is part of the excitement, prints and colors, thickness, it’s texture and how each piece responds is always different. That is the way I stay engaged. After making many birds I am now placing  them on branches and driftwood to create mobiles. I am making them fly!


I’ll be sure to share that adventure! When they all come together and fly as a group I will be satisfied to have found a new art avenue that came from my hibercation, and possibly another way to keep making money as a working artist. My dream come true for another year at least! For now it’s fold fold fold, feeling content, I am a now a crazy paper folder.


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