This way to Summer 2018

Let ‘s GO!↔pexels-photo-272254.jpeg

2018 season season starts soon, ⇐ I am booking shows and dates now.  Still a few weeks away from my first show May 5th but I am calling it! Here’s what I got so far…

  • May 5th-Cinco de Mayo! Grants block, Providence @Taco Fest 2018-11-5pm⇒
  • May 12th-sheep sheering day at Watson Farm, Jamestown RI⇒
  • May 13th-season opener at The Fantastic Umbrella Factory-Old Post rd. Charlestown

The slab at the Umbrella Factory will be home-base once again this year! Weekends until July, then when summer is really kicking—-Thurs-Mon,  every week until Labor day weekend.

Block Island Artist Guild shows are on the schedule too this summer, starting in July.

I am looking forward to a summer filled with quality shows rather than quantity, learned a bit after last year! This little adventure of mine keeps on surprising me with wonderful lessons and connections, anything is possible!



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