No Tacos for me

The first big show of the season has passed and I have stories! Each time I hit the streets something amazing happens which makes me love what I do, which is good because these shows are exhausting! The cool people and crazy cool things that happen on the road are the things I remember when its all over and time to think about doing it again, to which I will say SURE if its interesting and full of surprises.  Some connections made this weekend will prove to be great for me in the future. Others were just fun and others still were heartwarming and super special.

I hope to be noting all the crazy cool things that happen to me at shows and sales in the future, mainly as a reference for myself so I will not let them slip through this mesh of a brain, so how about a bullet list?

  • A super cool young man came dancing into the tent, promoting himself as a geek, with a white towel hanging from his back pocket. Name that story reference…
  • Big Nazo ( the ugly scary ones, not the cute guys) came into the tent, had a quick conversation using too many hand gestures, and left without buying a thing!
  • Porta-Johns were packed! Emergency run down Weybossett St. in search of a public restroom was fun! Bought a spanakopita, wiggled my way thorough the line literally,  patronizing so I could use a bathroom only to discover it was out of order….and the cold soggy phyllo dough ultimately didn’t make up for the extra bladder pressure. I was saved by a wonderful business (who asked not to be disclosed) a few stores down, sometimes it works out, thanks to the people who break the rules.
  • I was excited about this show because I LOVE TACOS. I love festivals with food as a reward…..I pictured myself eating tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner that day,  Alas, no tacos for me! Waiting 2-3 hours in line for the one taco truck was not in the stars. My tent mate ended up with tacitos from Taco Bell, just because, she wanted frickin’ tacos!  No taco for you, come back next year!


These were the only tacos in the tent and near my mouth, earrings made just for this show, at least we had these.


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