Summer Camp!

This year I have taken on two summer camp classes at The Neighborhood Guild in South Kingstown. I will be co-teaching with another local artist Mary Ercoli Walsh, who is amazing. Check out her website @becreativemary. We compliment each other so well while being polar opposites in many ways. Our students can come create each week for 5 days getting two projects per day, one taught by each of us. We are well aware of summer attention spans so we are splitting the class in two groups to keep it fresh for them, and us! We bought ourselves white lab coats and will be wearing silly goggles to show the kids we are fun and cool teachers to go along with our ART LAB, C0-LAB theme. We know that experimentation is the key to finding the art genius in us all so the art experiments will be varied and use many different mediums and processes. imagejpeg_3

First session still has space available and is July 16-20th from 10-2pm

Second session is just about full now and runs July 23-27th.

My classes will focus on nature and using natural elements to create 3-D pieces of art. I have not fully planned each day, but generally I do that after the first class time together. This way I see who is in the room, I ask them what they would like to do (within my skill-set) and we go from there. I know we will be yarn wrapping some trees in the park around the playground at the Guild; a form of public art, temporarily on display for all to see!  This make kids (and us adult artists) very excited and serious about what is is they create. Mary has a different project each day, some sewing, some painting and she always plans the most amazing projects! imagejpeg_4

If you have a kiddo that is wandering the streets those days consider signing them up to come play with us! If its full, join the wait-list, there is generally enrollment wiggle room and dropouts do happen.

Here is a copy of the description and link — Neighborhood Guild summer camp brochure;

Art Lab Collaborative NEW
Two Art Teachers + Two Art Projects a Day = A Whole Lotta
FUN! Come try this exciting new art camp in an authentic
studio setting! Art instructors Mary Walsh and Karen Stackow
have been teaching art to children for well past a decade.
Campers will spend half the day experimenting with one artist
then switch ‘art laboratories’ to experiment in an entirely new
way. Here are some of the themes you can expect: sculpture,
acrylic painting, sewing/fiber arts, pastel, paper crafting,
collage and printmaking. With ten separate art sessions, just
think of the possibilities! Open to ages 7-13. Pack a lunch and
wear sloppy clothes – experimenting with art takes a lot of
energy and can get a bit messy!
Mon. thru Fri. 7/16 – 7/20 10:00am to 2:00pm $165R $175NR
Pottery Studio at PDOB AGP5217
Mon. thru Fri. 7/23 – 7/27 10:00am to 2:00pm $165R $175NR
Pottery Studio at PDOB AGP5218



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