Living the dream, again.

Sept. 15 2018

Today I am sharing my future plans that have recently come to fruition, with excitement and a tad o’ sadness. I am no longer “living the dream” in the same way I have been with Signs O’ Fire. I am still fulfilling a dream, an older one from when I was a freshman in college. Back then I knew that art was my thing, and that sharing my art was exciting, but more importantly I felt driven to help people using art. An Art therapy degree was what I was seeking at the age of 19, but URI was not obliging. I began taking classes that I thought would translate into that degree somewhere else, but that did not work out as I planned.

So I graduated with a BFA, a minor in Art History and nearly enough credits in Psych. and Soc.  to have done what I set out to do. All this time I have wanted to finish what I started and Viola! I have enrolled at Salve Regina in a program that seems made for me! In a year and a half I will have a Certificate of Graduate studies in Expressive and Creative Arts.!!!…!!!!…..!!!!!

So my friends, my time on the road selling my art on the weekends is diminished, and I return to the classroom! I feel like my life has always been a dream, living it the way I was designed to do; this path, right now, affirms this. I will miss picking things up and putting them down. I will miss so many thing about SOF on the road. I will always do the holiday season shows I love and will continue to sell online on my website and Etsy. Check the website on the SignsOFire Events page to join me at two shows a month until January.

I have a few wholesale accounts at local shops to send you to as well! Like The General Store at the Umbrella Factory in Charlestown, The Purple Cow in Wakefield and a few new ones yet to come,  look for the links to them on Facebook and support local shops that support local artists!

Thank you for supporting me living the dream of being a full time artist, it was  wonderful! On to the next! Grateful for everything! K



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